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An Osteopathic Approach to Pain and Dysfunction in the Cervical and Lumbar Spine

  • 09 Nov 2013
  • 8:00 AM
  • 10 Nov 2013
  • 5:00 PM
  • UCSF Faculty Practice, 1500 Owens Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94158
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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Course location:  

UCSF Faculty Practice at Mission Bay

1500 Owens Street, Suite 400

San Francisco, CA  94158


Professor Laurie Hartman, DO, PhD was awarded a Diploma of Osteopathy in 1964 from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in London, England.  He went into private practice and teaching immediately. He has taught at the BSO for 40 years; both in the clinic and in the classroom.  In 1978 he became head of the Technique Department at the BSO. He has traveled to 21 countries teaching minimal leverage technique to physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and physicians.  He was given a Professorship in 1994 which was the first in England for writing his book and his DVDs on Osteopathic Technique.  His clinical experience stems from treating over 60,000 patients in his own clinic.  He started the sports injuries clinic at the BSO in London and is the Osteopathic physician for the British Judo team.

Professor Hartman is now almost retired and but he still enjoys travelling to lecture on the safe Osteopathic approach of which he is very passionate.  He has trained in karate and reached 3rd Dan.  He loves making and flying model planes and helicopters, Tai Chi, watercolor painting, and is now learning how to fly a Microlite plane.

Teaching Assistant: 

Clare Lewis; PT, PsyD, FAAOMPT, MTC, MSPT
She is Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy CSUS and has been teaching for more than 10 years.  She attended Physical Therapy Undergraduate program and CSU Fresno and attended University of Alabama for her MSPT.  She has attend courses from Dr. Hartman during his prior lecture tours as well as several other manual therapy courses.

Student: Faculty ratio - 10:1

Course Description

This is an intermediate to advanced manual therapy course that will cover soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and thrust joint mobilization. Professor Hartman is a master clinician who will demonstrate how his minimal leverage thrust techniques to the cervical and lumbar spine can help reduce unwanted forces and increase patient comfort.  He will demonstrate the appropriate soft tissue mobilization techniques for preparing the tissues for thrust joint mobilization. He will also demonstrate how to use joint mobilization to reach a target segment and make the thrust technique more effective.

Course level

Intermediate to Advanced


Physical Therapists

Pending CEU’s

1.5 (pending)


$500 for COMPTSIG members

$600 for CPTA and APTA members

$800 for non-APTA members

Day 1 schedule:

8.00 Introduction and the aims of the course

8.30 Demonstration of osteopathic methods of reaching a target segment

9.00 Soft tissue methods and their uses to prepare the tissues for manipulation

9.30 Questions and explanations of the way we focus forces

10.00 The uses of passive movement and articulation to reach a target segment

10.30 Coffee and tea

10.45 Introduction to thrust techniques and how to reduce force and increase comfort for the patient

12.00 Lunch

1.00 Revision of soft tissue techniques and their application to thrust techniques

2.00 Revision of articulation and how it makes thrust work more effective

3.00 Revision of thrust techniques and how to modify them for each patient

3.30 Coffee and tea

3.45 Diagnosis in some detail deciding if we can help the patient

4.30 Cases suitable for osteopathic treatment

5.00 Finish

Day 2 schedule:
8.00 Revision of the methods used so far

8.30 Revision of soft tissue techniques and when they are useful

9.30 Articulation and preparing the patient for any subsequent thrust techniques

10.15 Thrust techniques in some more detail and how to modify them for the patient

10.45 Coffee and tea

11.00 Contra indications to thrust techniques

11.45 Questions and demonstration

12.00 Lunch

1.00 Thrust techniques in more detail

2.00 Treatment schedules and how to manage patients

3.00 Coffee and tea

3.15 Thrust techniques in the lumbar and cervical area in detail

4.00 Revision of methods and how to be effective

5.00 Finish

Registration Deadline:  September 18th, 2013.  Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Registration will be closed after 20 people have registered.

Course coordinator/contact:  Christopher DaPrato, PT, DPT, SCS  -

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