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Leadership Roles - Duties - Responsibilities


  • Oversees all operations and participates and assists in all lines of duty for COMPTSIG
  • Sets agenda and leads monthly Business meetings
  • Acts as CPTA District /SIG contacts liaison and updates COMPTSIG executive board with respective chair/committee information 
  • Responsible for attending CPTA Annual Conference, Leadership council, State of Association, Legislative Day
  • Coordinates monthly COMPTSIG newsletter with Vice-Chair and Secretary


  • Assists Chair in all operations when necessary and attends CPTA events and conference calls when Chair unavailable 
  • Oversees all membership duties including management of active/inactive membership via Wild Apricot
  • Provides monthly membership updates at Business meetings (coordinates with Treasurer regarding membership dues for members under/overpaid)
  • Acts a California PT PAC liaison
  • Coordinates monthly COMPTSIG newsletter with Chair and Secretary


  • Coordinates Business meeting dates/times as well as maintaining thorough record of agenda and meeting minutes
  • Maintains organization of COMPTSIG Google drive
  • Updates and maintains COMPTSIG Google calendar to include all upcoming events from APTA, CPTA, AAOMPT etc
  • Coordinates monthly COMPTSIG newsletter with Vice-Chair and Chair


  • Maintains COMPTSIG financials including bank operations, membership dues, reimbursement and financial spreadsheets/documents in Google Drive
  • Provides monthly update of financials at Business meetings
  • Liaison to CPTA Operations and Finance Officer

Continuing Education Chair

  • Coordinates COMPTSIG continuing education including CPTA Annual conference and COMPTSIG sponsored events
  • Determines co-sponsorship of educational events with districts/SIGs with Chair
  • Coordinates filming/set up for podcasts/videos for website and social media with Advocacy/Public Relations Chair
  • Liaison to CPTA Education Executive Associate
  • Provides monthly update on continuing education at Business meetings

Social Media Chair

  • Liaison to CPTA, APTA, AAOMPT Public relations and Advocacy associates 
  • Coordinates and maintains COMPTSIG social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIN
  • Provides monthly update on social media contacts and followers at Business meeting
  • Coordinates posting of continuing education/events with Continuing Education chair
  • Webmaster

Nominating Chair

  • Coordinates potential nominations for COMPTSIG positions 
  • Organizes candidates profiles and discusses potential candidates with executive board for nomination
  • Organizes and conducts elections of potential candidates along with education to candidates on their new position and duties 
  • Provides monthly nomination updates as needed at Business meeting

Student SIG Representative

  • Liaison to CPTA, APTA, AAOMPT student SIGs
  • Liaison to DPT programs
  • Organizes and coordinates student recruitment at all DPT programs, Residency programs and Fellowship Programs in California with Chair
  • Provides monthly updates on student activities in California, potential recruiting events, and recruitment numbers from DPT, Residency, and Fellowship programs at Business meeting

COMPTSIG Representative

  • Liaison on behalf of COMPTSIG Chair and Vice-Chair for CPTA, APTA and AAOMPT 
  • Present for meetings, webinars, conference calls etc. as needed to assist Chair and Vice-Chair with relay of information pertinent to COMPTSIG 

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